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Every year Google receives 1.2 trillion searches on an average worldwide.Lower down your website in the search engine result page, the lesser among the 1.2 trillion people will ever see your website.On average the webpages on the first page of search engine results get 69% of the total traffic. This is followed by 13% for the second-page search results and the remaining thousands of page results constitute the rest of the total traffic, which will be a negligible amount. This clearly shows if your webpage is not on the first page, its effectiveness is far less.

Website in First Page Result = More Clicks, More Leads, and Sales!

Are You New to SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a major part of digital marketing which focuses mainly on controlling the internet search engine results. This is achieved through a variety of strategies through the implementation of proper keywords, relevant on-site content, website performance optimization and the like.

All the activities of SEO are designed to provide optimum results when it comes to organic search results. Mostly, how your website ranks organically without any paid ads in search queries or searches terms is determined by how good your website SEO practices are with respect to your competitors or competing websites.

The higher the search engine ranking higher will be your website visibility to the searchers or potential customers. Therefore, better the visibility better will be the leads you will be generating from your website.

SEO Leads are More Reliable

All the internet search engines and its algorithms attempts are to provide the most relevant information to its user's search query. Here, SEO is always about ranking higher in front of these most relevant users. Also, in general, people trust organic results more in comparison to paid ads. This trust factor enables to have more considerable mindshare in the competitive market which will eventually be rewarded with a greater number of loyal customers to your product or services. All factors make SEO generated leads more reliable.

SEO is Cost-Effective

Even though to get visible results through SEO activities will take more time and resources in comparison to paid ads, it is highly cost-effective for the long term. SEO is always an ongoing process. The clicks generated through SEO organic search results aren’t paid directly and are also not dependent on any payment plans. In comparison to paid advertisements, higher the rank your website achieves through SEO, harder it will be to get countered it by any new competitor, which makes SEO organic ranking more stable and profitable.

Weakness of SEO

SEO and its effectiveness are fully dependent on search engine algorithms. Which puts SEO efforts at the mercy of these algorithms which undergoes routine updates from time to time. Due to this reason, the SEO efforts which were effective in the past might not be effective in the present or future. Therefore, businesses need to spend resources that continue to remain relevant to SEO.

In a highly competitive market with well-established players, it will be a challenging task to rank higher organically. This happens due to factors such as domain strength and the like, which is hard to overcome.

How SEO Works?

SEO works mainly in two ways, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. To achieve effectiveness through SEO equal effort, need to be put into both these parts of optimization.

On-page optimization refers to everything related to website and organic ranking. This will include activities like website optimization, title optimization, keyword density optimization and the like.

Off-page optimization represents all the online activities that get carried outside the website, to push the concerned website higher in the search engine result pages. Major off-page activities include link-building, social media integration, etc.

For both on-page and off-page optimization, the content plays a key role in the present-day search engine algorithms. Content that will effectively answer a user search query will get pushed to the top of the rank so do the website.

Adding to this will be attractive images, internal additional relevant links and the like to achieve a better user engagement rate. Ultimately, a high user engagement rate is the key to getting better results with SEO in the long run.

Why SEO ranking and traffic takes a long time?

Like any organic activity you see in nature, in digital marketing space as well, to get visible results with SEO, it takes time and effort in comparison with other forms of digital marketing activities such as pay per click. Many factors contribute to this time lag. Some of the major time-consuming stages of SEO are website error correction and optimization, link-building, SEO friendly content generation and so forth.

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