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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is the paid advertisement practice in the digital space. Through SEM paid advertisements gets displayed on the search engine result page, popular websites, video streaming channels like YouTube and the like.There are various kinds of ads available within the search engine marketing spectrum. Among them the most popular one is pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay per Click) are digital ads that appear along with organic search results for highly competitive search keywords, which can drive huge relevant traffic. The major advantage of PPC ads is that it is capable of generating results almost immediately.

Choosing the most relevant keywords, attractive advertisement text and budget are the three major factors required for an effective PPC ad. Optimizing all these three factors is essential for maximizing ROI (Return on investment). Optimizing PPC required through technical knowledge and experience. That is why you require an experienced agency to carry out this task.

Google Ads is an effective PPC platform. It enables to put ads in front of most potential customers only. This makes Google PPC Ads one of the most effective means when it comes to brand awareness, lead generation and the like.

PPC, how much does it cost?

For properly understanding the cost for an effective Google PPC Ads campaign, one must first be able to distinguish between the following two critical factors,

Budget for Google PPC Ads

You need to set a budget limit for your PPC campaign. This limits the maximum amount which can be spent on a campaign. The amount is been paid to google and will get consumed when people start clicking on the ad. The cost will be charged only when people click on the ad. The cost of each click will be determined by Google considering several factors such as keyword competition, location, quality of ads and the like.

Price for PPC Campaigns

This is the service fee payable to EBAN Marketing for preparing and optimizing your Google PPC Ads campaign.

Our PPC Ad Services includes the following steps:

  • Setting up a Google PPC Ads account and configuring it.
  • Creating Ad groups and advertisements.
  • Researching and sorting out the most effective keywords for your business online ads.
  • Finding the optimum targeted location for your business online ads to show up.
  • Creating and optimizing landing pages.
  • Managing and optimizing your budget spend.
  • Properly measuring and generating reports for you on traffic, lead conversion, overall performance and the like.

No Hidden Fees

With EBAN Marketing, there are no hidden costs. We will let you know upfront the total amount which is required for a campaign.

No Lock-in Contract

We won’t push you into any long-term contracts. You will be free to cancel our services at any time. However, we are confident that once you start getting positive results from the PPC campaign, you will opt for a longer stay.


You will be free to change your PPC monthly budget before each month at your discretion.

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